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Shavuot 5781

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Special thanks to all our generous sponsors!

Francisco and Ethel Gluck Rivevoth Ephraim Fund
In memory of Francisco and Ethel Gluck, R' Raphael Ephraim Ben Simcha and Etta' bat Yisroel, and in memory of Annette Adler, Chava bat Tzvi Hersch, ע"ה
Fredi and Jeffrey Galler & family
L'zecher nishmos:
Yitzchak ben Moshe, Mr. Isaac Sandau, ע"ה
Moshe Eliezer ben Dovid, Mr. Moshe Eliezer Galler, ע"ה
Roza bat Nechemia, Mrs. Rose Sandau, ע"ה
Rabbi Solomon J. Sharfman,  ע"ה
Esther and Nachman Goodman
L'zecher nishmat Nachman's father, Nassan ben Yisroel Feitel, Rabbi Nathan Goodman, ע"ה and l'zecher nishmat Esther's father, Avraham Yehuda ben Moshe Yitzchok, Mr. Abraham Tisser ע"ה

Rivkie and Lance Hirt & Family
In memory of their fathers, Mayer Yosef Ben Avraham Penstein, ע"ה and Shmuel Yeshaya ben Zev, Sam Hirt ע"ה
Mrs. Marilyn Gochberg
Marjorie and Steven Kellner
upon the ninth yahrtzeit of Marilyn's husband and Marjorie's father, Avraham Eliezer ben Moshe, Mr. Lawrence Gochberg, ע"ה
Dina and Michael Kollander & Family
upon the yahrtzeit of Michael's mother, Sima Leah Chasya bat Yechiel,
Mrs. Sima Mandelbaum, ע"ה
Elizabeth and Bezalel Mayer & Family
upon the yahrtzeit of Elizabeth's mother, Sima Leah Chasya bat Yechiel,
Mrs. Sima Mandelbaum, ע"ה, and upon the yahrtzeit of Bezalel's mother, Sarah bas Reb Chaim Yehudah Leib, Mrs. Sarah Mayer Hammerman, ע"ה
Mrs. Miriam Treitel
Doba and Kalman Isaacs & Family
in commemoration of the upcoming yahrtzeit of Eliezer ben Yitzchak Meir, Mr. Eliezer Treitel, ע"ה and L'ilui nishmat, in memory of Mrs. Treitel's parents,
Avraham Chaim ben Menachem Dov, Mr. Avraham Zilberberg, ע"ה
and Doba bat Dov, Mrs. Doba Zilberberg, ע"ה
Debbie and David Seltzer
l'zecher nishmat Yissachar Dov ben HaRav Reuven, Mr. Bernard Seltzer, ע"ה
and Miriam bas Yitzchak, Mrs. Miriam Seltzer, ע"ה
Leah and Allen Wiesenfeld
upon the yahrtzeit of Allen's grandfather, Tzvi Zev ben Yosef Menachem, Mr. Herman Wiesenfeld, ע"ה

Naomi and Aryeh Davis and Family
l'zecher nishmat Aryeh's mother, Naomi bat Harav Aryeh Lev, Mrs. Naomi Miller Davis, ע"ה. L'zecher nishmat Aryeh's father, Yeshayahu ben David, Professor Sydney Davis, ע"ה. L'zecher nishmat Naomi's father, Dov ben Yosef, Mr. Dov Kaminetzky, ע"ה, and l'zecher nishmat Naomi's mother, Tzvia Ita bat Yosef Nechemia, Mrs. Harriette Kaminetzky, ע"ה
Shelly and Barry Dorf and Family
upon the yahrtzeit of Shelly's grandmother, Sarah Eta bat Alta Bentzion, Mrs. Sarah Blank,  ע"ה
Lia and Leslie Honikman
Barbara and Alan Weichselbaum & Family
Upon the third yarhzeit of Barbara's mother, Gittel Malka bat Mordechai, Mrs. Jean Gluck ע"ה


Chana and Jay Fenster & Family
upon the yahrtzeit of Chana's father,
Rav Dovid Aryeh ben Yehoshua, R' Arthur David Wohl, ע"ה
Yonina and Ephraim Stern
L' Zecher nishma and upon the yahrtzeit of Tamah Leah bat Dovid Yehudah, ע"ה


Mona and Alan Goldman
upon the yahrtzeit of Alan's grandfather; Mr. Jacob Goldman, Yaakov ben Yehudah Tzvi,  ע"ה
Agi and Ken Zitter
upon the yahrtzeit of Ken's father, Eliezer ben Moshe, Mr. Louis Zitter,  ע"ה


Aviva & Zev Golombeck
In memory of: Yitzchak Chaim ben Yosef, ע"ה,
 Elka bat Moshe Halevi, ע"ה
 and Chaim Pinchas Ben Moshe Yosef, ע"ה

Sarah & Adam Hofstetter 
in memory of the yahrzeit of Sarah’s great-grandmother, Chaya Weiss, ע"ה
and great-grandfather, Ya’akov Ben David, ע"ה 

Sarah & Ari Kadish
in honor of the YILC Youth Department

Tamar & Robert Scharf
in honor of our children and the entire YILC youth department


 Although there are none this year,
we would also like to acknowledge and thank
Mindy and Alan Peyser and David Itzkowitz
for their support and generosity in helping to make
YILC the special place to be on Shavuot in all of our prior years.

God willing, we will return to grander yom tov
programming next year. 

Tue, January 25 2022 23 Shevat 5782