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Rabbinic Leaders

Rabbi Ya'akov Trump, Mora D'Asra

Rabbi Ya’akov Trump serves as the Rabbi of the vibrant community of Young Israel of Lawrence Cedarhurst. It is his passion to share his passion for the Torah and its relevance in contemporary times. He is featured speaker on, has his own Nach Yomi website, has a itunes podcast and recently released an App on both the App and Play stores. Rabbi Trump has been involved in many community wide projects including being hub coordinator of the Shabbos Project in the Five Towns-Far Rockaway bringing hundreds and thousands together raising the bar of Shabbos and the Five Towns Drug Awareness panel. Rabbi Trump teaches Halacha at the Shulamith High School for girls. Rabbi Trump is co-chaired the 59th annual RCA Convention for hundreds of Rabbis across America. Rabbi Trump grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa. After graduating high school, he spent several years in Kerem BeYavneh in Israel followed by Ner Yisrael, Baltimore. He holds a BA in Mathematics from Yeshiva University and has taken multiple Actuary exams. While completing Semicha at RIETS, he served as Rabbinic Intern in Kesher Israel DC, Young Israel of Jamaica Estates and the Beth Din of America. He spent two years as Rabbinic fellow of the YU Torah Mitzion Kollel of Chicago creating new programs and shiurim. He has been a scholar at many programs including the OU Convention, Sharmel Caterers Pesach program, Kosher Rustic and the OU West Convention. He and his wife, Malka, and children live in Lawrence.

Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum, Rabbi Emeritus

Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum has served as Assistant Rabbi and Rabbi at the Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst since 1987. He has contributed to the organization and development of the Five Towns Orthodox community and is a Rabbinic advisor and a member of the Board of Kulanu Academy.

In addition to Talmud classes and lectures on contemporary Halachic topics, Rabbi Teitelbaum’s weekly Shiurim elucidate the religious thought of leading Hassidic and Rabbinic figures of the last two centuries.  He has lectured widely and taught Yeshiva High School at HANC and HAFTR. Prior to assuming his position at YILC, Rabbi Teitelbaum served as the Rabbi and spiritual leader of Congregation Schomre Israel in Poughkeepsie, New York, and earlier as Assistant Rabbi of Congregation Bais Torah in Suffern, New York.
Rabbi Teitelbaum received ordination from Mesivta Rabbi Chaim Berlin and from a number of leading Rabbinic authorities in Israel.



Executive Board

  • Chairman of the Board - Jeremy Chwat
  • President - Steven Kellner
  • Vice Presidents - Bruce Mael, David Saffra, Robert Scharf, Eli Srulowitz
  • Sisterhood Co-Presidents- Lauri Barbanel & Yael Gurevich
  • Treasurer - Ari Kadish
  • Financial Secretary - Robert Kantowitz
  • Corresponding Secretary - Ed Stroh
  • Recording Secretary - Howard Boriskin
  • Webmaster – Hymie Goldstoff, CEO InterSoft Associates, Inc.
  • Ritual Chairmen – Shalom Huberfeld, Mordechai Schreck
  • Gabbaim – Donny Bodner, Howard Boriskin, Dani Kessler, Daniel Mishaan

                         Robert Scharf, Ari Schreier, Gavy Simon, Alan Weichselbaum
  • Catering Chairmen – Jeffrey Frieling, Uri Lazar
  • Cultural Chairmen – Jay Fenster, Marc Kwestel
  • Facility Chairman - Marc J. Sicklick
  • Security Chairmen – Jeremy Chwat, Marc J. Sicklick 
  • House Chairman – Mel Kass
  • Library Chairman – Abbe Dienstag
  • Membership Chairpeople – Gregg Duftler & Alissa Pomerantz
  • Tzedakah Chairpeople – Debbie Dienstag, Jeff Eisenberg
  • Youth Chairpeople – Yehuda Lazar & Tamar Scharf
  • Legal Counsel – Saul Bienenfeld 
  • Delegates - Lance Hirt,  Adam Hofstetter, Bezalel Mayer
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