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At the Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst (YILC), we strive to create an inclusive atmosphere that facilitates spiritual growth, stimulating learning and exciting and fun programming for the entire family. We are committed to the values of Torah while participating in, and contributing to general society.

We are committed to the philosophy of religious Zionism.
The Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst continues to thrive in all areas.

♦ Tefila:
YILC has several well-run, meaningful minyanim catering to different schedules. Please refer to our Tefila times for a complete rundown of prayer opportunities

♦ Learning: 
YILC encourages lifelong education and has numerous opportunities for our members to learn, from our youth to our seniors. We have a vibrant weekly schedule of shiurim, as well as a robust roster of guest lecturers who address a wide array of religious and cultural topics. 

♦ Fun:
Our vibrant and warm youth programs enhance the religious and cultural experience for our children and make it fun to come to Shul, whether it be on Shabbat, Yom-Tov or for other special program. 

♦ Social Action: 
At YILC, we strive to bring our religious values to life. This results in activism in a variety of areas, including visiting the sick, helping members in times of need or loss, feeding the needy, supporting Israel, and many other programs both within YILC and the greater Five Towns and Rockaways community.

Tue, June 25 2024 19 Sivan 5784