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Leil Shabbat Learning

Take advantage of the long Friday nights with Torah, friends and good food
Rotating Chabura and Open Beit Midrash
Friday Nights in the Winter
Annette Adler Beit Midrash


Hashkama Minyan Shiur

Learn from one of the most outstanding groups of leaders and teachers from our neighborhood and beyond
Rotating Presenters

Mussar for Other People 

Start your Shabbat morning with a boost learning Mesillat Yesharim in practical terms

Dr. Hillel Abramson

Shabbat morning

8:00 am

Tehillim in the Tefillah Series

Join this popular shiur to understand the context and content of so many of the Tefillot we say

Rotating presenters

Ahavas Yisrael Project

Every Shabbat following davening in the Main shul, women are invited to learn with Rebbetzin Teitelbaum on the topic of Ahavat Yisrael

Rav Kook’s Transformational Insights 

Learn some of the more accessible writings of Rav Kook on the Agadeta in his own words

Rabbi Ya’akov Trump

Shabbat afternoon

30 minutes before regular mincha


Parent Child Learning

Guided learning for all ages with a story, weekly prizes, and pizza

Rotating Presenters

Motzei Shabbat in the winter




Mishna with R’Ephraim Diamond

Learn a Mesechta in Mishnayot comprehensively from start to finish with slides, demonstrations and enthusiasm

R’Ephraim Diamond

Motzei Shabbat in the Winter

Rabbi Morris Friedman Beit Midrash

Timely Torah at 8 AM

Begin the week strong with an in depth shiur on important contemporary topics
Rabbi Ya’akov Trump
8:00 am
Annette Adler Beit Midrash


Nach we Never Knew

Shiur for men and women on topics through Nach which we must have missed the first time through

Rabbi Ya’akov Trump


8:00 pm

Rebbetzin Tehila Jaeger at 10:30 AM

Rebbetzin Tehila Jaeger is a noted and beloved teacher of Torah.  She is the daughter of renowned Kiruv pioneers, Rabbi Shlomo and Rebbetzin Chaya Sarah Freifeld, Zt”l, founder of Yeshiva Sh’or Yoshuv.

Semichas Chaver Program

Join this intense and exclusive program to learn the parts of Torah which we never had access to along with groups around the world 

Rabbi Ya’akov Trump


8:00 pm

Gemara Shiur

Join every Tuesday night at 9:00PM for a Gemara shiur with Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum

Nach Nook

New Women’s Nach shiur focussing on some of the lesser known aspects of Tanach

Rabbi Ya’akov Trump


10:00 am

Esther Wein at 10:00 AM

Through her classes, lectures and travels, Esther Wein has been sharing Torah for many years. Sought after as a speaker, traveling around the country, she offers words of Torah and spiritual insight.



From the Works of the Maharal of Prague - Insights on the Parsha

Appreciation of issues in Jewish life and thought as revealed through the Maharal’s penetrating understanding of the Parsha.

Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum


8:30 pm


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Wed, January 20 2021 7 Shevat 5781